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The ViRTTER Program is a set of connected tools offering an incomparable immersion experience and an exclusive virtual reality. It is based on the combination of real objects (masks, weapons, detectors, etc.) inter connected thanks to ERTC Center's technology and custom-made scenarios offering an unparalleled image texture.



The added value of the ViRTTER program is its agility and adaptability. The ERTC Center technology can be plugged into any object regardless of the operational constraints. The ViRTTER program is already compatible with various gas masks (the ARFA masks from NBC-Sys and AVON are already referenced). ERTC Center also owns and develops its own training mask, the LARVA 1 (see below). Thanks to these innovations, the ViRTTER program opens up the field of training and education beyond the CBRN-E universe and can be adapted for EOD, firefighters, civilian industry and combat shooting.

In addition to real-life training, the ViRTTER Program (Virtual Reality Training Technology for Emerging Risks) is an exclusive technology based on the skills of ERTC Tech (Research and Development, Innovation) and ERTC Studio (digital creation, virtual environments).

larva 2.PNG
Since its creation, ERTC Center has been working to provide the most effective tools to optimize CBRN-E training. The ViRTTER program marks a turning point in our strategy by bringing together the best of ERTC Center, ERTC Tech and ERTC Studio. It is also in line with my desire for internationalization following the creation of ERTC International.”

Olivier Maeder, CEO

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