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Our work

ERTC Tech designs and develops its own virtual training tools.

The company is therefore in charge of the hardware side of production. It has its own production tools: various 3D printers of different technologies (resin, RDN filaments) with different print sizes + ovens for macro-biology tests + clean room.

We are also able to print assault rifles, ammunition, water pipes, etc to use and integrate in our 3D excercices.

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Securate Gate

An innovative process of secure air curtain (disinfectant) against bacteriological agents, at the service of the various activities of professionals facing the public.

Patent n°FR2005914

Subvention BPI


Mask V2 + item

Interface/mask concept (modified hardware)

  • Adaptable to various gas masks

  • Possibility of integrating manually activated stress actuators (e.g.cartridge saturation)

Patent Deposeted

Collaboration with NBC-sys

Concept object (modified hardware)

  • 3d modeling and printing of objects.

  • Reaction coding of sensing objects offering augmented immersivity.

  • Integration of object tracking in the printed device, or HTC tracking

V2 is adaptable to any gas mask: we can talk about an "Agile" system and work on the adaptability of the solution to different media.

  • Open architecture



Mask V3 (Larva) + items

Mask concept (hardware creation)

  • Mask allowing the integration of automatically controlled stress actuators.

  • Biometric sensors allowing an analysis of stress phases and modification of training scenarios.

  • Research on the integration of AI that can modify all parameters in real time according to biometric/retinal data.

  • Side or central cartridge port


International Patent Deposeted

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