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ERTC Center, CESU Training Center is your trusted partner for AFGSU (Attestation of Training in Emergency Medical Skills) and AMU (Attestation of Training in Emergency Medical Skills) training,in France or anywhere around the world.


As a Qualiopi-certified organization, we are also authorized to deliver these certified courses throughout France, directly at your facilities.

Each of our training programs, including AFGSU 1 and 2, as well as Recertification, is designed for healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, midwives, and many others. These courses enable you to deepen your knowledge and skills in emergency procedures and care, allowing you to effectively respond to critical medical situations.

In addition, we also offer AMU (Emergency Medical Assistance) training programs. These courses are specifically designed for individuals who wish to acquire the necessary skills to provide emergency medical assistance in situations where healthcare professionals may not be immediately available. Whether you are a healthcare professional or a member of the general public, our AMU training equips you with

the knowledge and skills to respond appropriately during a medical emergency.

Upon completion of each training program, ERTC Center provides you with a certification attesting your successful participation. Our team of qualified experts is ready to support you in your journey to enhance your emergency and medical skills. Take the initiative now to schedule your training and strengthen your abilities in emergency response and care. Contact us to learn more and reserve your spot.


Consisting out of different experts with field and theoretical experience from all environments (military, medical, industrial, …)  we can provide technical advice and consultancy services which are tailored to each customer’s unique needs and brining the The advantage of the diversity of our experts means we can bring the best of each environment and apply or adapt it to your needs.  We have  experience in providing many types of advice and assistance to help plan and train for different types of CBRN-E threats and risks.  Some of the consulting we can provide are:


We have no particular financial interest in advocating any particular vendor of goods or services so we can deliver also an objective opinion in this field. 

Some examples of the type of consulting that we can provide are:


  • Threat and Risk Assessment: How vulnerable are your existing operations or premises to threats


  • Help develop or integrate CBRN-E threats in policies, plans and Procedures (including crisis mgmt. and business continuity plans)


  • Effective Utilization of Equipment


  • SIBCRA, reconnaissance and decontamination programs and trainings


  • Building Protection:  how to protect a building against the CBRN threat or how to integrate a decontamination area.


  • Exercises or scenario trainings


  • And much more


We can perform tailor made internal audits regarding the emerging and existing risks regarding CBRN-E in different domains such as military, medical, industrial or private environments.

These audits can be internal compliance audits, where we check the reality versus your written procedures or audits where we check against external country regulation , military regulations, NATO accreditation and much more.

During our audits our experts will go on the terrain , do interviews, study procedures and documents and make a professional analysis of the compliance status. Findings and results will be summarised in a report and discussed.

Our experts can also support with the build-up of an action plan and possible corrective actions.  We can also propose a follow up audit after corrective actions are put in place to see the new compliance status.

For more information and details please contact us.

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